Welcome to Wisdom Spaces

 a small peaceful retreat,

offering you a sanctuary of nature, art, horses, journaling, and soulful, loving conversations. 


A safe quiet space to rest, heal, and grow to find inner peace and clarity so that you can move

beyond what is troubling you

and thrive.

Choose time to just relax, shop, take a class, join a community, or work one on one with Carla.

A powerful alternative to therapy, we help you, ages 12 on up to feel better, and learn to find your way to wellness, with more ease, fun, and accomplishment.

What we focus on grows. 

So having experiences that make you feel better, you open to your own wisdom, 

practice you confidence and well being,

and from there,

life gets much better.


More about how to experience Wisdom Spaces below! We can't wait to meet you!


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