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One on One Sessions & Packages


Shifts and subtle transformation happen every time you visit! 

You have reached a sort of "line in the sand" in your life where what has been is just no longer acceptable. 


You know that there's got to be something better than how you are living now. 

Welcome to your journey to discovering and implementing exactly that!


Private Sessions

Scheduled one at a time, often to either explore for the first time, or as a place to go to when things get hard, private sessions are with Carla in person, or on the phone/Zoom  They last 2 hours and offer deep focus, yet a light sense of discovery, wonder, and exploration. Clients can expect to have great stress relief and to feel lighter and more grounded. 


contact Carla to book your session

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 Four Month Package

You are simply ready to commit to living with a more healthy and  powerful inner game, and to have freedom to be who you are and align your life to that.  This is where ease and joy of success occur!

   You can expect to complete this time complete this time with an ability to live  lighter, happier, and more successfully. 

I only take a small number of private clients.  

Cost is $100 per session or $1600

Contact Carla for availability.

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