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Every great business not only seeks to create powerful value for it's clients, but has an generative, loving, forward moving energy, and clarity of purpose.    That purpose is YOU!

Women create the world.  As Mothers, we are building our future through raising our children.  As Entrepreneurs and Business Women, we bring love, compassion and intuitive wisdom to all that we create.  As natural nurturers, we set the tone for living.

I want to offer powerful support to help you step into your full potential in your chosen endeavors.   Women inherently move more from our hearts, and that is what will bring us together.

Find yourself, your wellness, your inner peace, and most importantly your wisdom and clarity by choosing some time away, and join me at Wisdom Spaces. 


Every single visit, you will leave feeling better,  peaceful yet wiser,  clearer, and more excited about life! 

I look forward to you joining me in your path of discovery, healing, and powerful creating!

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My Story

As one who is highly aware, I experience the world with energy as my first language.  I feel the energies beyond what we can usually sense and see, first.   It's been that way as long as I can remember.  I have always felt very different, like I landed on the wrong planet.  


 I spent most of my life really struggling with the depths of my awareness and the subsequent feelings, emotions,  and misconstrued stories about myself. For example I would be in a group of people and feel this sadness and discomfort and tell myself they all hated me.  I came to learn that I was feeling their energies of themselves and their day.  I suffered so much in the belieft systems that I took on, because I hadn't been taught to calibrate all that I saw and took on.  Now I get it and live in great peace as myself and want to help you to the same, earlier so that you can live at a higher state of mind, body and spirit !  You get to be busy creating, generating, not trying to move through your suffering. 


 I also had a strong drive to succeed.  Succeed I did, but it required a lot of self sacrifice in the sense that I left myself behind.  I was using my capacities on overdrive, and they served me well, yet life still felt hard, and especially hard to be me.

I know now that my understanding of all the energetic information that I naturally take on, is my perfect me, and your perfect you!  Intuition and Uber Awareness, is an intelligence, yet it is often mislabeled with an essence of being a deficit.  Words like "Highly Sensitive," "Impulsive" or even "Empathic" seem to feel like I'm broken or less than.  I have learned that all of our intelligences, operating systems, and unique characteristics are perfect by design.  I wanted to create a place for women to discover that and put their intelligences to work for them.  


Energy or awareness of intangible things beyond, can cause us suffering, or it can give us a powerful edge in our life experience and endeavors.  Wisdom Spaces was designed to help women awaken to their powerful ways, and put them to good use. We build the world as mothers and creators.  We are the world creators and changers.  I want to help us live into our inherent power sooner, greatly reduce the time we waste in drama and suffering, and offer a space for self realization and practice so all of that can happen.  


Connecting is the first step.  You will know from there...

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