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Hi!  I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien, the founder of the Wisdom Spaces Experiential Retreat. I am an experienced facilitator for healing and transformation in individuals, families and corporate families.  My work centers around self leadership, developing a consciousness about ourselves, and others, such that our skills of innovation, creativity, interaction, perception, execution, and solutioning, can all be driven from inside of ourselves.  This is the ultimate in self empowerment and leadership and I believe, the key to success.

My Story

I was born to a mensa genius father, and a sensitive, intelligent, and kind mother who spent her life dedicated to helping the "different" in the world.  She would say, "same bad, different good!"  I consider myself "different" and am a combination of my parents, with a really fast out of the box intelligence, and an uber sensitive heart.  I feel everything at a very deep level, and am constantly curious about optimizing living and endeavoring in our lives and well being. 


In my early years,  I was unafraid to do things my way, and also unapologetic in how I got my success. I was successful, very successful, but inside, I struggled.    I was a great self leader, with incredbile  drive and productivity, but I was never relaxed and really not happy inside.  I worked alone well, but working with others was kind of clunky.   There was something missing in my skills and in my heart. Over time, I discovered and honed those missing skills and that experience gave me great insight as to how to help others do the same.  I learned to understand and use my natural intelligences not only for myself, but in understanding others! 

In today's fast paced world, my "uber awareness," self drive, and fast brain, is well suited to success.  I took a huge break from the corporate world to raise my 4 kids who would be considered in todays terms to be neurodivergent, with diagnoses like Autism, ADHD, Bi Polar, Gifted, Learning Disabled etc.  I feel that this job was way harder than my corporate one, as they are all successful on their terms, which the likes of Stanford PhD's deemed impossible when diagnosing them.  The years navigating how to help them have success as who they were, gave me many principles that are universal to anyone, and that I apply today in helping people find success their way.  It starts with self understanding, and then gaining skills to employ their natural strengths and intelligences.  It makes a lot of sense to help people do well, their way.  It's so much easier and more efficient too.  And in that skill set is developing an ability to understand and lead others.   This is a core principle of my methodology and facilitation that empowers you every step of the way!   I have created many small business endeavors, that have been helping people for the past 15 years.


Now I consider myself a coach, a facilitator, a healer, an artist,  an author, a community creator and leader, a swim coach, lover of life, a wisdom guide,  and my drive for helping others to their success is still just as exciting as it was for me in my 20's!  

Now today I'm fully focused on bringing success to corporate, Neurodivergent people, and women ages 14 and up in the many facets of my life's work.  The all happen at this fabulous 32 acre retreat I call Wisdom Spaces, where you get to play with horses, explore intuitive painting, journal, hang in the rocking chairs on the porch, walk in nature, and fall in love with living into your success, your way.  Who says heaing and change has to be awful and hard work?  I know that my insights, experiences, and developed and proven methods, aka "wisdom" can help anyone improve their experience of living, and their sucess as exactly who they are.

To join me, just contact me and let me know what your needs are!  I do private retreat days, group retreats, and individual packages to help people who are really serious and want a deep dive with me one on one for fast change and results!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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