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Hey There

Transformation to well being and generative, creative living,  happens naturally from a quiet and open state of mind, emotion, and being.  


Transformation is not linear, and is not accomplished with great trying or hard work.  It naturally happens through the gaining and understanding of the energetic operating system of life and yourself in it!


 Visit by visit, layer by layer, step by step, we awaken, heal, realize our intelligences, and practice putting them to work for us!


 When we come together in these spaces, it's great fun, offers deep life changing insights, and incorporates all of you.  It's way beyond churning problems and employing coping mechanism.  Life offers way better than coping.  You get to discover that here.


Freedom To Be Yourself

We've all had the experience of being told to do something in a certain way, that is really confusing and foreign to us.  We are taught to try hard and learn how to do things the way we are told to, because we need to learn how.    Sometimes we get through and get it done, but there also accompanies taking on negative messages about who we are.   "We should learn to do better" or I'm broken or "less than" because we don't naturally operate in the ways that are required.    The challenge is that it's hard and clunky or even depleting,  because it's not our natural way. of processing, learning, and retaining information, and creating.  


Dr Howard Gardner offered ground breaking research on how we all have multiple intelligences.  His defined 8 intelligences helped highlight that people can be very intelligent in more ways than what an IQ test might reveal. 

I feel that he missed one key intelligence.


Awareness, the ability to instantly have intangible energetic information from beyond the usual five senses.   Woman have an acute ability to feel and sense things beyond.   Living without any teaching on how to calibrate and use our Uber Awareness, causes great confusion and suffering.  Feeling everything deeply is a lot to manage!  But it's also a powerful for living and accomplishing well!    

In spiritual circles, we might be described as Psychic or Empathic. Psychics or Intuitives.  We can literally merge with other's bodies and know things about how they are feeling.  We can gain information about the past or the future for a person or a business.  We feel the energy of an environment, a group of people, and even the feelings of a rock. We know information from beyond the usual senses.   It's a lot to handle. 


 In spirituality, it's deemed mystical, as if there are chosen ones.  I seek to bring our Uber Awareness out of the realm of mystical,  to the forefront of understanding ourselves ,and use intuition and awareness as an intelligence that is to be applied to living in wellness, and being succintly guided to our accomplishing in the everyday real world.  It's simply an advanced operating system,  a skill that we all have, but are not taught how to use it.  We end up with haywire nervous systems, chronic anxiety and panic.  


I believe that we are easily healed to thrive when we understand ourselves from all the perspectives stated above.  When we know the truth of what we are feeling instead of the labels and diagnoses we can be very comfortable in our own skin without any need to change or fix a thing about us.   We can love who we are, be proud of our superpowers and use them for the good of all.  


The most shining example today is Elon Musk.  He describes himself as having Asperger's syndrome, which often comes with great awareness, and acute sensitivity.  Yet in his upbringing, somehow he fell in love with who he is.  Not only is he ground breaking new horizons, he is jovial, happy, and unapologetic to be him. That's what's available for us all who are "different"


Wisdom Spaces is a space to explore, discover, learn and practice, being unapologetically you.  It's a place to hone your wisdom skills, and get excited about yourself and your life! 


 am driven deeply to change these paradigms of anxiety, sensitive, impulsive, to end the suffering and learn to thrive and contribute greatly as women.  When we have freedom and permission to be us, it all gets a lot better, yourself, your world, and the world. 

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