the 6 "savvys" 

My approach in coaching individuals with ADHD/ASD and their families, starts with a paradigm of wholeness.   People with ADHD simply have a different functional, relational,  and energetic operating system that isn't well understood or developed.  The result is a sort of "hit or miss" in life that can yield a lot of challenge and fallout, limiting their ability to live into their true potential.  Everyone is more than capable.  In fact I believe that people with these diagnoses might be the next highest version of human being! Everyone can benefit from a better self understanding and support in developing an ever evolving mastery of the Six Savvy's.  


There are three key components to working with me.

  1. I am trained in a co created coach approach where the client is empowered to design processes and solutions with me, resulting in having buy in and succinct approaches that will stick!

  2. Learn to Fail and Learn to Learn, is a growth mindset state of mind such that failure is as celebrated as success!  This creates ever evolving growth and improvement, and reduces or eliminates emotional fallout from disappointing results or failed attempts.

  3. Energetic Healing is offered in an integrated functional approach, a natural "entrainment" that occurs from being in this partnership space with me in that my acceptance, appreciation, and love for my clients as well as an unwavering belief in their abilities, offers a connection and balance of their nervous system that is a "reset" to mental, emotional, and physical wellness every meeting.

A few key areas of focus in our initial work together will yield immediate improvement and ongoing work in the six savvy's will help anyone with ADHD/ASD have a safe and connected touchpoint that they can rely on. 

  • Create relationship and trust!

  • Identify Strongest Processing Modalities and areas of interest 

  • Co create agreements on areas we will focus on

  • Learn to learn by focusing on small improvements and seek consistency.

  • Smart environmental design in multiple environments

  • If working with a child, bring parents in to create consistency in execution to help things be positive and successful. 


Our time together can be a few months, or much longer depending on needs and the developmental level of each client uniquely.