Functional Intuitive Healing and Coaching for Anxiety for Individuals, Parents, and Kids ages 12 and up.

I offer a powerful and unique approach to greatly improving or even overcoming anxiety.  The main focus is not on coping, but on underneath the coping, to the core understanding or awareness of what is happening in the mind, body and spirit to cause panic attacks, and mental and emotional shut down that is greatly limiting your life.

Working with anxiety is only offered in person at Wisdom Spaces, because the experiences and environments themselves, (spaces) are carefully designed to be optimal for healing and growth.  These spaces feel safe, which allows you to express.   Spaces also offer the opportunity to learn and grow, and to push your brilliant edges to overcoming your anxiety. 

The client chooses their favorite option, between horses, intuitive art, journaling or just spending time in nature.  We trust their wisdom and facilitate and support them in any area and activity of their choosing.  This is an example of how to follow the wisdom of their inner knowing vs applying some technique.  You show us what you are ready for, and thus the experience is more succinct and perfectly timed for you inner wellness and success.

I use my intuitive capacities to help you develop yours and fully trust that your inner guidance clearly knows the way!  Our time together is powerful, fun, inspiring and offers courage and proof that you hold the reins to your wellness, with a lot of help and support from me and guidance, aka wisdom!  Unlike traditional talk therapy your experiences heal and release the body, shift paradigms of life and awareness, and open your mind to different possibilities than needing to live in fear and control. It's a full circle approach to the wonderful life that is waiting for you!

Cost $90 per session 

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...