Beyond the Drama Journaling is a process that is based in the science of Neuroplasticity.  It is a mindfulness practice that retrains our brains,  "patterned" from years of conditioned reacting to life's occurrences, to be able to have our initial response be a more positive one. The result is a happier and more fluid operating system of living.


When you can retrain yourself to be more optimistic, it helps all relationships around you, your family and your co workers. 


You know this is for you or even for you family or corporate team, if you understand that your "default" way of thinking about things is more negative than positive, but you don't  know how to change it.


You also learn to open yourself and receive guided wisdom that comes through you, and onto the page helping you feel confident in your decisions and interactions.

Not only does this process help you be happier, but it opens you to see more possibilities in life and business direction that you couldn't experience from previous negative states of mind.

This is a mindfulness and no mind practice that can give you the power to change your brain and see life better! 


Join me for a workshop, a retreat, or soon online to learn and experience this profound journaling process!