Winter 2021 Online Communities

LIGHTER - Step into a wonderful journey with others to learn and share a commitment to living a "lighter" life.  Support each other and guidance by Carla towards living with less sadness, worry and overwhelm, and start to enjoy life more again!

EXTRAORDINARY MOMS - A whole new way of raising your neurodiverse family!  Join Carla and others who have a commitment to enjoying life more AND doing a great job navigating all that is raising different kids!

WISDOM SPACES - A community of people who want a deep dive into the intangible energetic operating system.  Hone your intuitive capacities and live into more awe and success that is waiting for you! 

WISDOM SPACES FOR BUSINESS - There is so much out there to help you in your career and entrepreneurship.  Much can be helpful but the truth is, that intuition and alignment have as much to do with your success as a great business plan!  Learn how to use intuitive capacities to align your business with your signature strengths, and make moment to moment great decisions.  It all becomes very rich, succinct, and successful!

 Our Communities are all structured the same way:

  1. $20 a month basic level

  2. $50 a month includes 1 on 1 session

  3. $100 a month includes 3 x 1 on  1 sessions for more powerful support

  4. Daily Inspiration

  5. Weekly Zoom Content & Intuitive Coaching

  6. Closed FB group for real time interaction