Order a Custom "Just Flow Love" Wisdom Painting Heart, and offer healing and guidance to someone you love!

When I paint it’s not like other forms of painting.

My focus is on an intended energy related to the person I am painting for.

Energy flows from my heart through my hands and onto the canvas.

Sometimes I cry
Sometimes the energy gets so big that my hands are flying.

I don’t compose images,

In fact I stay away from thinking

I stay away from anything needing to look like anything.

Layer upon layer of pure, wide open, loving,  energy flow, while holding the ultimate in truth,



That whether in a day or months, the perfect images arrive and it’s complete.

And the person for whom it was created arrives too.

Sometimes I paint custom healing paintings and sometimes I just create and that person randomly finds them online or in an art show.

Booking for xmas gifts now for anyone wanting to offer a friend or loved one a wisdom painting that offers healing and guidance.



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