Wisdom Spaces

Online and In Person Groups

Join me in one or more of these exciting groups that will enrich and enhance not only your life, but the lives of all whom are around you!


Membership groups are $39 a month and include:

  • Frequent inbox wisdom and inspiration

  • Weekly Zoom meetings and coaching

  • Weekly "in person" meetings at Wisdom Spaces

  • Free visits, priority status, and discounts on all events and one on one offerings

Extraordinary Moms

A loving and wise community of women who are committed to having joy and to using inner wisdom as a key skill in making decisions and in daily life raising your children who are "extra ordinary."  Many kids might have diagnoses, or simply be sensitive and different such that we need help, wisdom, and support from others!  

After 25 years as a parent of "extra ordinary" kids, and leading an online group of Moms for the past 4 years, I can see the powerful efficacy of coming together with a commitment to bringing our best to our and our kids' lives. I openly share my wisdom, and will bring you other Mom's further down the path. Resourcing, healing, and support with a focus on loving these days, because by far my biggest regret, is that during all the therapizing and fixing, I forgot to enjoy life with my kdis. 

Alone Together Women's Journaling Group

Inviting you to experience journal writing as a communal practice for stress relief, processing of life's challenges, and offering creativity and connection. 


Journaling is a wellness practice that offers"real time" in your hands place to go and reset.  The intention is to be able to process what's hard, grow from it and constantly reset to a higher, better, and more wiser space within ourselves so we can bring her, to our kids.  Having the support of other women, heals the isolation, concern and even fear of this journey.   

Express Yo Self Art Journaling for Tweens ages 12-15!

In this unsettling time, it's imperative to have a place to go, to simply express and release stress, but also to find your homeostasis and hear your inner wisdom!  Join me at Wisdom Spaces with other girls and create art journaling pages.  Sharing ( or not if you don't want to) creates a compassionate community that helps us feel connected and supported with others.

Intuitive Wisdom Women

It is becoming the Intuition Age, and so many of us have suffered from our acute awarenesses and gifts, vs capitalized on them. Join me and other women who know they are "empathic, intuitive, awares" to be a part of a community of open sharing and wisdom growing.  Together we can stay in the divine zone more of the time, and dramatically shift our lives as we decipher intuitive signs together, heal and grow with unconditional support of each other in following guidance to our greatest experience of living and accomplishing!  

Horse Girls! 

Ages 6-8 (max 6 per group)Join me in the barn twice a week for horse fun and learning!  Horses offer so many opportunities to develop healthy social relationships and to grow in our ability to be organized and take care of them and their "things."  Horse girls are tough like no other, strong in heart and powerful in physicality and wisdom.  All horse time is done on the ground, both "in hand" (halters and lead ropes) and "at liberty" ( in the horses space without being able to physically control them.)  Learning to train and get along with a variety of horses translates to real life, and it's a ton of fun!

Friendship and Community

Emotional Control

Positive Deciphering


Social Savvy

Functional development

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...