Deep Connection through the Wisdom of the Horse

Horses offer real life, relational experiences that create new positive neural pathways,  and open a deep heart connection.  filling a missing link in the psychotherapy practices, especially for clients who are mistrustful of adults or even humans!


Wisdom with horses is an emotionally safe space that sets a perfect environment for release, and skill set development for mental and emotional wellness, resulting in a happier, more connected and accomplished existence and the ability to connect deeply with others.

Science proves that the brain & body are imprinted by life experiences.  Through the experiences of connection and exercises with horses, the client receives structural brain changes that can shift  negative patterning  through which we filter life.  

We focus primarily on what you desire life to feel like and be like. as well as goal setting and accomplishing,  rather than a large percentage of focus on what caused the emotional and life fallout.  Perhaps the best antidote to doing better is to focus on moving forward and to learn to see what's right about certain challenging situations, developing a growth mindset.  

Horses mirror us, so they are a great and judgement free practice ground, where clients can make "endless mistakes" and learn to be great at not getting things perfectly, resulting in emotional strength and flexibility and a vast reduction in anxiety.  We never know how it's going to go, and being able to practice that, helps us be more free in real life. 


Horses help us "hone" our non verbal skills which are 93% of all communication.  For some, reading non verbal cues and energies of "fields" of groups is natural, but for many, it is not, resulting in constant social fallout from impulsive needy social behavior.  When you can feel what is occurring with someone else, and then self reflect and be able to adjust, one's social life goes better!

Key areas of efficacy:

Connection, relationship patterning, leadership, non verbal communication, calming techniques, social modeling, sensory processing physical development through handling the horses, self confidence, emotional regulation, flexibility, exec function dev, healing and processing of pain


Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...