How do my abilities with empathic resonance help the Neuro Diverse mentally, emotionally, and functionally?

One of the concepts that makes my support different is that I believe our functional wellness is intertwined with our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  It's really hard to be well, if you can't do well, or don't find something to do with your life moments that feels exciting, inspiring and fulfilling for you!  The neuro diverse traditionally are "under doing" and thus spend a lot of time in tasks that are below their potential, and also often become very screen dependent.  Verbal communication in the population of neuro diverse can be lacking, or less than, but non verbal communication can be super powerful. By being able to "feel into" your thoughts, and energies while in action, (aka doing or experiencing something) gives me insights as to your signature strengths and how to put them to work for you!  I can discover more about you and how you need to be productive, as well as what is natural for you.  From there we can create a more balanced and healthier life, defining and finding opportunities for you to contribute and thrive as exactly who you are. 

This is very different than therapy or psychology, because in many cases, feeling mentally and emotionally unwell has to do with lack of meaning and action in your life.  We are chronically underperforming, existing under our potential, and not getting the insight and help we need to shift that!

In our life skills menu, we DO things together here at Wisdom Spaces and through that time, I/we discover together!  Being able to pick what is interesting to you from the menu, helps the exec function brain (often part of what is challenging in many neurodiverse) to "wake up" and thus you can be fully engaged naturally in our tasks. This is ripe ground for growth!  It's all fun and builds confidence and learning so you can build a productive and fulfilling life!