Intuitive Healing & Coaching

Intuitive Healing & Coaching Sessions are an integrated approach to helping you heal and process emotionally, so you can return to a better more grounded and open state of mental wellness, such that you can receive and recognize intuitive guidance. This clear and open state helps you have clarity and make great decisions as well as being more able to be responsive in everyday moments versus reactive, and falling back into that emotional roller coaster.   Life becomes more wondrous, inspirational and fulfilling, vs challenging and hard.

Intuitive Wisdom is available to everyone at anytime. Whether you are very sensitive, fast brained, or have diagnoses like ADHD/ASD/or Anxiety, this approach is very empowering and offers much needed permission to find one's way, their way!   A focus on guidance can minimize a lot of struggle and open you to being generative and forward moving with confidence about who you are and how you function.

Cost $150

Group Members $50