Sample Journal Entry Suggestions

If you have purchased a Morning Wisdom Journal, we invited you to use it any way you desire, but also promised to give you some samples of the suggested uses!


Good morning wisdom!  This morning I feel tired after my mind was spinning all night long.  Now that it is the light of day, I feel better and optimistic. I wonder how I can stop that spin in the middle of the night?  The other day I was listening to a you tube about how our thoughts come and go, and can't be controlled, but we do own the ability to no react emotionally to them.  I feel calm when I think about that concept. It's kind of like I step away from being in the thoughts and simply notice them going by, without having to own or believe in them.  I think for today I will really try that and will report back how it went!

PERFECT DREAM  (pretend you are actually in this life you describe and get really happy!  It's fun!)

Today I won the lottery!  I have been trying for years, always so hopeful when I spend that money for a ticket that I will win and not be wasteful.  Yesterday when I bought my ticket I literally didn't care and voila!  I would never want to quit my businesses, because they are a life calling for me!  BUT, it will be so nice to be able to hire help and purchase the things I need right now, vs having to earn the money, slowly growing one step at a time.  I can update the barn and make more custom stalls to rescue more horses now too which is so exciting and fun!  My husband can quit too although I don't know if he will want to either!  No more old cars that break and just more power in what I want to accomplish in my life!  I am so glad I followed my intuition to buy a ticket even though I didn't really feel like it!  Thank you morning wisdom for guiding me to my financial freedom!

CAPTURE DREAMS THAT YOU HAD - keep your morning wisdom journal by your bedside and write down that dream before you get up, or even before you check what time it is, so you don't forget!

SKETCH OR COLOR - enjoy free drawing by putting the pencil to the pages and let the shapes start happening.

MIND MAP - you can mind map anything!  I use them for a variety of things as they flow just like our brain does.  They help me clarify steps in different categories, making my thinking and my actions very efficient!  You can use them for an event, a project, groceries, or even just to plan out your day!  I often take my mind map and use it to time block my daily to do's so that I am maximizing everything that could be done on that branch all together.         

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