Carla Hakim O'Brien

Wisdom Guide & Intuition Teacher

I have been fascinated by Wisdom ever since I can remember.  In fact, my maiden name "Hakim" means "the wise one, the doctor."  I have seen and experienced the power of the ability to be deeply present and aware in our now moments.  This is not just stress relief or as the woo spirituals language it, "manifesting."  

I offer you experiences that show you how Wisdom enhances well being, life fulfillment, and success as exactly who you are.  Whether it's in business, parenting, relationships or fun creative endeavors, Wisdom is a key skill for today and tomorrow's fast paced world.  

We have recently moved from the industrial age, to the information age, to the now happening age of the Intuitive, or Age of awareness.  Understanding how to develop and use your capacity to sense energetic information, to create with and from it, and to implement that in your everyday real world tangible living, is not only so interesting, it's the way success will need to happen.  

It's time to demystify the intangible and bring it to light in your life.  The old ways and paths to success are changing.  In being well mentally, emotionally and in life and wisdom, all lies in a quest to understand and use your Wisdom.

People with anxiety are likely uber aware, highly sensitive people especially with their bodily knowing.  Wisdom is the key to wellness there in taking a new look at what's happening in the body and the meaning made from that  Instead, we actually want to dive deeply into the bodies' messages, not cope with the feelings.  There is great wisdom in those feelings and emotions. Not to problematize them for years in therapy, but to decipher their message and use them!  All feelings then are welcome and moved through!

For the next few months, I will be focusing on helping you heal and become wise by offering skill building of wisdom through intuitive painting.  This is not art class and in fact works better for non artists!  Read the home page to learn more!

I have much to bring you and help you, but let's start here!

See you soon!


Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices, fund raisers, and scholarships as well as donating art to causes.