Carla Hakim O'Brien

Facilitator of Well Being

Intuitive Coach 

 Welcome to Wisdom Spaces!  I could not be more excited to have you here! 


I wanted to create a space that helps people have life enhancing, rich experiences that help us feel safe and powerful to live our lives freely as who we are. (see a short life resume here)

After a lifetime of research, degrees, and experience, I see that creating in a safe, powerful and loving community is inherently healing and inspiring.  Unlike the approach of therapy and traditional support groups that focus on analyzing what's wrong, we focus on feeling good.  We need to remember how to feel good and grow our trust in ourselves and life itself. This shift to a whole new experience of better living starts to happen as you drive here!  We are craving fun, love, safety and something to count on. That something is you!

I can't wait for you to join me to discover and explore for yourself!  Join any endeavor that feels exciting.  Come alone, or bring family and friends!  Peruse our options and feel the butterflies in your belly.  That's the one to start with!

See you soon!

Love & Wisdom,


Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...