Our Wisdom Spaces

INTUITIVE FUNCTIONAL HEALING SESSIONS -Sit soul to soul with Carla and experience Intuitive readings and Coaching on anything that you are seeking answers to or direction on.  She offers a different approach to readings in that it is really up to you and your higher self, what is going to "happen" and as well readings are always relevant to your highest and best good.  Carla  incorporates starting to see a "how" you can create what seems in alignment with your desires by partnering better with intuition.   The space that is created between you and she, is supported by higher energies that open and heal you leaving you feeling better, clearer, and more confident and optimistic about life, the moment you end the reading and on for a long while.  (offered online and in person and also at workshops and retreats)

EQUINE HEALING & COACHING - Reflecting and working with horses is a powerful way to heal and open to seeing yourself, as well as a very safe and resonant practice ground for your new ways and skills.  The horses' energetic heart space is documented to be large and powerful  offering your body a release and a holding that shifts you!  A great approach for any animal lover and is powerful for healing trauma, loneliness, and social disconnect as well as team building for corporate and families.  ( in person only, workshops and retreats)

WISDOM INTUITIVE PAINTING - Experience the joy of pure expression on a giant canvas.  Sometimes emotions come up and are released, and sometimes it's very surprising what appears when we quiet our mind and just flow.  Wisdom Painting is a practice in pure presence and flow.  You will learn so much about yourself in this experience! (held online as a class, and in person at workshops and retreats)

WISDOM JOURNALING  - For those who love to write and express their thoughts, Wisdom Journaling is designed to be a prompted "hand holding" to a more positive paradigm and to your wisdom. Experience intuitive flow onto a page or use a prompt to see what comes out of that mind of yours.  (held online as a class, and in person at workshops and retreats)

MINDFUL NATURE WALKS- Experience meditative mindful nature walks with the goal to release and observe and maybe even feel the oneness of yourself and nature and all that is.  A wonderfulway to quiet the mind, body, and emotions and open the wisdom of the spirit!  (in person only workshops and retreats)

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...