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A Different Path

 Well Being & Life Success

My philosophy and methodology of wellness & life success, is grounded in research, yet is also simple, experiential, and innate.   It involves a shift in focus from what's wrong, to what are you creating both in feeling and accomplishment?  I believe in self responsibility for wellness. The power is personal, it's yours to do.  


 I have seen time and again for over a decade with clients, that when we become empowered to be ourselves fully, and to focus on who and what we want life to be like, everything changes.  This is an alternative to therapy, a complete focus on what's possible and what YOU are doing to suffer and struggle  We are empowered to build experiences, self concept and a life and relationships that we love.   

So much shifting and healing happens just by choosing to experience cool and wonderful things!  Exploration and discover in a freedom and openness, is a unique experience today, but it's actually what we are here for!


I have many trainings as a coach, but more importantly I have 60 years of feeling  highly aware and sensitive, and really different than others .  I now understand that my way of experiencing life is a brilliance, a capacity that I have suffered from, but actually, once I understood it, is a brilliance that I can use everywhere!


I also have  three decades, 30 years of raising kids who had diagnoses like Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder to name a few. They too have different brilliances and they taught me that they could learn to be powerful with their capacities instead of suffering from them like I had done most of my life.  


The common denominator had two factors, they were highly intelligent, sensitive and aware, and that they needed to thrive their way. Therapy turned out to be damaging and limiting as well as having a lost opportunity cost of actually living and creating with the precious time that is our life.  We missed a good bit of childhood while driving to therapy.  14 years in, I realized that my oldest was still Autistic.   At that pivotal moment, I "got it".  I had a sudden clarity of the what was off course, and what was the way, their way.  I bring my learnings and my love in creating Wisdom Spaces to simply have a place of calm, safety and love to be yourself and explore your way.  You don't have to come here for a specific problem or diagnosis.  Some just want some peace.  Everyone is served perfectly for what they are needing, simply by following their wisdom.  


 Clients tell me they have been in therapy for decades, but got more out of one visit here.  I am not advocating that one should not seek therapy for mental illness or challenge.  There is some good work.   But society points us to therapy for everything.  That is simply incorrect.  We have the wisdom of our wellness.  I simply give you some space to awaken that for yourself. 

I am advocating for exploring how to develop skills to live well and thrive your way, by having naturally enriching ,fun experiences that help you grow into being you!  If what we focus on grows, focusing on wellness and creative flow, seasoned with some self responsibility for how life feels and goes, is a proven successfully recipe for living really well!

 There is a book in the works, but to give you an idea, it includes concepts like:

  • Presence

  • Connection

  • Permission

  • Play, Explore, Discover

  • Creative Flow & Expression

  • Relationships 1st to Everyone and Everything

  • Paradigm of What's Possible not What's Wrong

  • Energetic Awareness & Mastery

  • Self Responsibility/Personal Power

I hope you'll be curious and come and explore one day!  Even if a simple cup of tea, you'll feel better!