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The Fox & The Hedgehog

What is your one best trick to succeeding in any area of living?

Wisdom this morning from Michael Neill, from whom I am so yummily, doing a project with him, for my own growth called "Creating the Impossible."

All year long, I embark on things that will help me grow in my ability to create value and love deeper in my life and business.

He is a relatively famous Hay House Author and Coach, and one of the foundations of his philosophy is the same as mine, "to follow one's inner knowing is the most important tool we have and that we can trust in living well."

I call that inner knowing "wisdom" and it is the name of the retreat center and many aspects of my offerings because, I believe the same.

It doesn't need to look "spiritual" and really whatever flavor of word that works for one to look inside, is perfect. Some call it God, Source, Universe, Intuition, Instinct, the words range from the most woo, to very practical and everyday.

I am somewhat of an "inner knowing" savant and have a unique gift to help others tap into theirs through experiences with me. We all need something to trust and rely on in life, and I know that our inner knowing or "wisdom" is our greatest resource!

My maiden name even means wisdom, "Hakim" the wise one.

This morning Michael gave us this little anecdote and I thought I would share it with you!

Enjoy, and remember when life gets to noisy, one can always come to Wisdom Spaces to get back in touch with their own whispers of wisdom...

The fox and the hedgehog

The fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one thing.

A fox is cunning, lots of strategies, has read every book on every subject, everything is a chess game playing 10 moves ahead.

A hedgehog knows one thing that if it curls itself up into a ball, it can't be eaten by the fox. No matter how cunning, the hedgehog always wins with his one thing.

Knowing that there is something inside us that knows, we only ever have one thing, and we can trust it, and we can go to it.

It knows in real time , a real time response, it knows what's now, and the more I have learned in my life to trust that inner knowing the simpler life has gotten.

If I know I know, and if I don't know, most of the time it doesn't make sense to me to guess.

I have one move, to inside, to the quiet, to my own quiet knowing.

I feel whether it's a yes or it's a no, and if I don't know, then it's not time to be trying to decide.

I run my entire life that way.

Just like the hedgehog, in this simplicity you will find such power.


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