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Three Levels of living, which one do you frequent most?

The human brain loves the structure of "levels." We are conditioned to be able to understand things more clearly. To create awareness of how we spend our time, which is hard to see in oneself, I have created a description of levels below. Take notice of where you spend a lot of your mental capacity and time! Becoming aware is a powerful catalyst to exciting changes!


This is the lowest level, and can be described as stressful, feeling sad and anxious, with much of your mindset being about solving problems, fixing challenges, and feeling like life is hard. Life feels, heavy, and we often like we are "getting through." Life can feel scary, like we are not in any kind of control and feel victim to what challenging thing is going to happen next.

The predominant core belief is one of hopelessness (ish), as if it's just our lot in life for things to be difficult. Life is hard.


This is what I call the "self improvement" level. We live in a lot of trying to do better endeavoring at things like, losing weight, making more money, being happier, becoming more spiritual. At this level, we use a lot of grit and willpower. Work hard, sacrifice, and get things done, up level our living game.

The predominant core belief here is that life is not "good as it is" nor will it likely ever be and we have to constantly be on our guard to work really hard to make things happen. Otherwise we are lazy, or apathetic. Life can be improved with willpower and hard work or it won't be a good life. It feels vulnerable to not have a big to do list and big goals, always.


The level of Infinite Possibility and Creating. This is us as humans, at our highest potential. It feels a lot like when you fall in love. Suddenly the same life and everything in it, looks beautiful! You allow and are able to love it all, and things just seem to fall in your lap! You feel like life is a fabulous gift, and that good things will always arrive!

The predominant core belief here is that you can do and be anything and that life will treat you well! Different than the need to control things to feel safe and worthy, this level of living believes that we are inherently safe and worthy, and our focus and energy are put into being in this state of being and seeing the world, actively, connecting and creating!

At Wisdom Spaces, our goal is to help you heal and gain skills to live and create at level one more of the time if not most of the time. At Level 1, Wisdom becomes a powerful partner in your creating, and beautiful opportunities and synchronistic people, events, and ideas just seem to arrive out of nowhere. It's a state of the wholeness of your mind, emotion, body, and spirit, being aligned or in resonance or harmony in your moments.

In the land of "anything is possible" the shift to living at level 1, can be moved towards with little steps at a time. A creative afternoon with a painting or a deep and loving connection with a horse and unlock you towards being more able to release what keeps you from living as worthy and with the ability to see the infinite possibilities. For some, it's an instant awakening, an "a ha!" that shifts everything for you!

Most likely we have all experienced Level 1, and we pine for it again, but we don't trust that it's actually available as a way of life. The truth is that it absolutely is! When you develop the skills to be there!


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