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To receive your Wisdom, you have to be love, it's not JUST about creating...

In the world of energetic manifesting, there is much confusion. The movie "The Secret" was our first big look at how energy creates. But there has been a lot of misconception around it resulting in people drinking wine and creating vision board collages with ripped out magazine pictures of mansions and Tesla's, and arranging them on a poster as if it was how they were to create their future. There is no doubt that a night of dreaming is fun! But for most, it's simply that, a night of fun.

Manifesting instantly became about "getting stuff" which can be a great thing, but also can be a really shallow thing. We are all seeking our way, and to feel safe. Having lots of money feels safe for sure so it's easy to see how things went that way. But then again, if you see the pain and confusion of the rich, maybe it's not as safe as we think, but I digress.

Wisdom (guidance or intuition or instincts that seem to arrive in your gut) can guide us to "things" but it's also based in our highest selves as individuals and collective human beings, as well as being in action as our highest selves in our life "purposes and endeavors."

True riches lie in love and the joy of creating and existing in our lives. Wisdom is in that place.

Wisdom is like an all knowing best friend GPS, guiding us! Yes we have free will to create in our own unique inspirations or resonances, and most likely, those are a part of our purpose here! There's a reason that we love what we do, and that it's so different for everyone!

If you listen to some spiritual speakers, they all differ, and most of them talk about having permission to "follow our bliss" or "do what we love." But more often than not, just like the vision boards, we may enjoy that exercise or those moments of following bliss, but the results don't happen in the real world. We start to become unable to hold a higher vibration or follow our bliss because the reality is that bills are due.

And when bills are due, we shift to a more dense and heavy energy in reaction to reality. We become under the influence of our reaction to what is. So maybe the truth statement above needs a little addition.

True riches lie in love and the joy of creating and existing in our lives, NO MATTER WHAT.

We may unknowingly, in following our bliss, be very successful in manifesting what we desire into form! It might very well be on it's way or even right here.

But when it arrives, if you are in a lower, denser, state of mind, body and spirit, it can't get through. You door is closed. And when you find your way back to a lighter state with your door open, it likely will have passed by.

This brilliance of Universal design is where the spiritual words like "surrender, love what is, let it be, and allow, come from. For when we stay in full trust of all the occurs, and let it float by like a winding lazy river, we don't become dense. We swim in trust, in no doubt, that even if it looks differently, all that is resonant, inspiring or desired is trying to show up for us.

Somehow the bill gets paid. Somehow we find a new depth of living through the sadness or difficulty.


So if we shift our focus and thus our beingness, to "no matter what" and feel those emotions but let them through, our door stays open to receive. (This also includes getting good at receiving good, but that's a whole different blog topic,) When we can create AND receive, flow with all of it with love and trust, life gets really juicy and interesting.

Maybe all that life is, a game of loving and creating, AND receiving.

So the next time someone compliments you, or something amazing shows up for you, be sure to allow yourself to receive it in great gratitude!

And the next time something difficult shows up for you, be sure to allow yourself to receive it in great gratitude.

They are proof that you are loved and supported to your highest self. And in loving it all and receiving it all, your door to your wisdom and your greatness never closes.


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