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True Story about seeming deficits becoming one's signature greatness "I'll be back."

Paraphrased from the Godfather of Coaching, Steve Chandler given in a talk to a group of coaches looking to make their difference as successful coaches.

Steve in his earlier life had been a sports writer, and he was interviewing Arnold Schwartzenneger after one of his last Mr World Body Building Championships. He asked Arnold, what was going to be next for him, since he had conquered everything that there was to conquer in his sport.

Arnold replied, " I'm going to be a vamous movie stah, everyone vill know ma name."

Of course, everyone was thinking, "yeah... right Arnold, we can barely understand what you are saying."

As we all know, Arnold did go on to complete his prediction with great fanfare. Not only did he become a big movie star, he was successful BECAUSE of his diction. His accent fitting his ominous Terminator character with perfection, and his famous phrase an unmistakeable signature "Arnold".

What if, our seeming weaknesses are our greatest signature strengths?

Wonder what would be possible if we found nothing "wrong" or "less than" with who we are, and instead, stayed in trust, curiosity and forward movement towards our greatness?

Arnold had unwavering belief in himself, seemingly clueless to how ridiculous he sounded.

He was right.

What's right about you?

beautiful mold

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