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Why talking about it, is not aways the best approach for helping those with ADHD/ASD.

ADHD/ASD ers often have a few things in common.

  • -they often struggle with expressive language, being able to accurately understand and verbalize what they are feeling.

  • they are fast brained and very "I" aware, meaning the reading of a situation or person is not predominant in the moment, but instead they are inside themselves and their needs

  • they are often rigid in thinking and patterning, and struggle with seeing or doing things differently than they are used to.

  • they are highly sensory and sensitive, which creates reactions (often that become habitual like anxiety) in a situation to quell the feelings happening in the body,

Talking about problems, is only thoughts about it and leaves out the crucial insights and learning that happens in the moment. When we an experience, we know things more deeply and thus can be more aware of how we are reacting that is causing our pain and lack of results. We have "in" sights, that are self awareness.

This is true for everyone, but especially true for ADHD/ASD.

Somatic Coaching is a journey of self discovery from experiences. It is based in awareness of the "whole of you" mind, emotion, and body. When all those parts of you are engaged in an experience, you see yourself and learn! With facilitation, see for yourself, things like your habitual reactive bodily sensations in an uncomfortable situation, your mental chatter, and your reactive patterning. You also can gain an understanding of your way of doing things. Do you jump right in or do you sit back and analyze things before engaging? These and many other self insights help you see yourself, "real time" and creates self understanding. From there we can co create new ways and new solutions to help you feel better and do better. You become engaged in the change because you are choosing it, from self awareness.

Your road map arrives naturally, and thus is an intrinsic one, which offers a higher likelihood of success, versus an extrinsic goal applied from someone outside yourself, a coach or therapist. When they are your goals, self arrived through new awareness from experience, you have growth!

Experiences are also very safe practice grounds to practice the new skills! There is no fail, only learn! When someone can repeatedly try a new reaction, they can master it, make it a new pattern, and bring it to experiences in real life.

This is so much more appropriate and powerful than discussing problems and putting lists of to do's or behavior mod programs on a white board. Experiential growth is powerful and really imperative for ADHD/ASD because of how they function. No change happens until one is fully bought in. And when we are able to create change, to grow into our potential, our self esteem soars and life gets a whole lot better!


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