Sacred Wisdom Circle

Sacred Wisdom Circle is an online support group designed to bring connection, support and resources to help you live better.

We will be focusing on healing and accomplishing the skills to live happier and more productive lives using intuition, wisdom and and creating a skillset to stay balanced and learn to see life through a paradigm of possibility.

In today's world we are problem driven, and to do driven, and disconnected living fast paced lives.  We barely have time for fun and relationships, and we are losing the support of having a circle of people to live life with!

We want to take technology that is in our hands all the time, and use it to connect and create great lives!

You can come in as yourself, or choose an anonymous avatar so that you can be real without the fallout of being recognized, and get the insights and help you need.

Join us by the month as we Wow you with free workshops, guest speakers, live coaching, book reviews and a whole slew of conversation that will enlighten and lighten you!

Just $10 a  month and you are free to come and go as you please, month to month 24 hours a day.

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...