Soul to Soul Healing & Coaching Sessions

Your "soul force" is that voice deep within that is guiding you to your greatest self and your greatest accomplishments, in service to the world.  


Becoming our best, most happy and productive selves, is the most control we have over making a difference in the world.   Whatever feels the most true and exciting for you is your highest path and when you align on it into your sweet spot, you serve everyone and everything you come in contact with in a day!  

Soul to Soul Sessions are deeply focused, co created conversations where fluid flowing energy occurs between us, that allows your guidance to channel through me,  birthing insights within you, that offers answers, healing and releasing,and direction.  Inherent in these sessions is an energetic and emotional healing that releases and opens you to an ability to see things more clearly and be with life with more ease and excitement for what's coming!


This is the same process as what occurs for me when I paint, but instead of the wisdom going onto the canvas, it comes through me and into you!

Clients who experience these sessions consistently have huge life trajectory changes and most importantly, due to the inner release and clarity that result, life circumstances come into alignment with your next best version of you, and life gets so much more generative, fun and productive!  

This is what we are here for.  Chronic problem solving and drama are far from the mark or "sweet spot" that is our most aligned and flowed living.


 Wherever you are in your life's journey and outlook, choosing to take a step towards creating a life you can savor is powerful self love.  Life gets a whole lot better!

I look forward to meeting you!

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