"The Practical Spirit" is the first of many short "Wisdom Books" that have been channeled to Carla to help us optimize our Wisdom for our Now and our Future!    The Practical Spirit helps us understand the use of inuitive knowing and energetic awareness not as a "woo or psychic predictor" but as a powerful set of skills and tools for making succinct decisions and recognizing synchronistic meetings and signs that are guideposts for active taking.   This extra special help with our awareness and knowledge is powerful and those who embrace developing it, will thrive with so much more ease and rapidity.  


 Inuitive knowing is an imperative skill for the future, which we defined as the intuitive age.    We are moving from the information age to the intuitive age and this book offers you help in preparing and readying for it!The world is increasing in speed and frequency and this book's purpose is to help you keep up so that you can be successful!  (coming soon!)


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