Carla's journey soon to be expressed as a book, "The Very Reluctant Artist".

What started out as something to help me escape the pressures of life, became a spiritual practice of flow and presence that has profoundly and literally changed me and my life.  Creativity and spirit are the same thing. 

What occurs during Wisdom Painting is the perfect metaphor for life.  

Standing in front of a blank canvas is really the exact same thing as what life is when one is in "absolute pure presence" where one exists firmly in the real and practical world, yet with full awareness of energy beyond what is, to what is to be.  It is a knowledge of the key tools that actually create our life outcomes.

Expressing Freely and pushing the edges of a comfort zone and one's ability to "re orient" their viewpoint and go from there are just a few of the skills born during a Wisdom Painting Session.  Life moves at a pace faster than ever before, and traditional analytical processes to look at "data" are too slow. By the time one gathers and interprets, then reports and discusses, you have missed the opportunity that was right in front of you.

You couldn't see it because you are not shown how to  or to value what you know from within.

Wisdom Painting encourages awareness and flow, which when experienced is then embodied as a new level of knowledge and skill that applies directly to life and business direction and decisions!

It is a powerful, fun, and life changing experience where the focus is purely on being present in the process of creating, vs so focused and driven for controlling an outcome.

Come paint with us and feel for yourself!