Upcoming Open Studios,  Bday Parties, Groups, and Retreats

Get away from it all for 2 hours and experience peace, mindfulness, and the utter joy of spontaneous creation on a giant canvas!  All participants get to paint their own intuited  heart and also contribute to a heart canvas for the Bday Person!  A bonding and fun experience for ages 14 and up.  Max 8 .  $50 deposit due upon booking, minimum 3 people at an additional $30 per person to be billed after event.  Includes cake, drinks, canvasses, and all art supplies and is facilitated by Intuitive Carla O'Brien, leading mindfulness and the art process.  Gluten Free option always available!  (note need at least 1 week lead time to for cake ordering.)  contact me to book your spot

Enjoy 2 hours of creative written expression at Wisdom Spaces to shift your mindset and open your heart!  Work directly with Intuitive Carla O'Brien and experience guided journaling, in a variety of spaces on the farm.  Depending on weather we will journal in the barn reflecting with horses, on the 250 year old front porch, prompts and sharing as a group to heal and provide insights.  Includes Wisdom Journal, Purple Flair Pen, Light Snacks, Guided meditation and journal prompt sessions. Light refreshments always gluten free.  Ages 14 & up,  $50 deposit and $20 per person billed after event, max 15.  All 

 Experience both the deep release and exciting creative  flow with deeper dive into the process of Just Flow Love Wisdom Intuitive Painting for 4 hours!.  Enjoy a guided meditation, Oracle Card reading, and 4 full hours of the experience of spontaneous creativity and flow.  Ages 14 and up, $50 Deposit to book and $60 per person.  Minimum 3 maximum 8.  Includes large canvas and small canvas and all paint supplies for each person.  Gluten Free Light Fare.  (if you don't have a group, please contact me and I can put individuals together for sessions.)

8 hours of pure healing, insight and expression!  Join us at Wisdom Spaces for the full experience, mindfulness, intuitive readings, horses, journaling and intuitive painting!Includes lunch and light fare through out the day, Wisdom Journal, purple flair, and your large canvas!  The goal is always to release to find peace and safety to then open yourself for insight and wisdom to flow. A life changing experience and fantastic day with friends or family!  $50 Deposit, and $100 per person, minimum 4, max 8 ages 16 and up. (if you don't have a group, contact me and I will put individuals together!)

A team bonding and creativity and intutive experience that will help things be very much better on Monday.  Many powerful business leaders rely on innovation and intuition as a huge partner in their business.  Join me for the mindfulness, intuition and creativity experience.  Choose between Just Flow Love Wisdom Intuitive Painting, or Coaching With Horses, to learn about your team dynamic. Develop skills of peace and insight during chaos and grow together as a mindful and connected team.  Minimum 4, Maximum 8.  $100 per person for 1/2 day and $200 for full day. Contact me for mid week scheduling and to book.