What on earth is Functional Intuitive Healing & Flow Coaching??

Let md define to clarify for you!

INTUITIVE - can tap into information from beyond our normal senses 

FUNCTIONAL - I don't believe in Psychic telling, because it can be damaging or a crutch to keep a person from growing into their highest self and best creativity in their lives.  Often times, healing is necessary because of a person's inability to create or get things done in their lives.  This is commonly true for people with different operating systems who might or might not have a diagnosis of ADHD/ASD/Anxiety.  I have 20+ years of experience helping those who are different to be able to design systems and mindsets to accomplish things, their way.  Doing well is part of being well.

HEALING- Helping you unlock stuck energy as well as paradigms of yourself and life itself to a more open, positive and healthy way of seeing the world and being in it.    This includes work in "t" little t Trauma as well as "T" big T trauma.  Anything that has happened that keeps you from being yourself or from showing up freely in your life and relationships can be healed.

FLOW -We can exist at three different levels. 

  1. The lowest level is where we are anxious and hurting a lot.  We are chronically focused on problems and need drama and reactive emotionality to feel alive.

  2. The middle level is where we are deciding we want to or need to do better and are using willpower to "self improve."  This usually fails eventually leaving us more reason to fall back down to level 1.

  3. The highest level is the level of FLOW!  In this STATE OF MIND, BEING, AND CREATING we are partnered with a savvy and trust of our intuition and can be resilient to anything that happens because we have achieved a deeper understanding of how life works that includes energetic awareness and unwavering support.  This is the land of being able to see what's possible vs spending our time in the level 1 mindspin of problem solving and fear.  

COACHING - Coaching is a model of facilitation that is very different from Therapy or Consulting.  We are trained facilitators that hold a space of safety and opening such that people discover their own insights. At Wisdom Spaces the focus is on having experiences and facilitation (coaching) that are superpower environments in which to receive this insightful wisdom and become savvy with it.  Wisdom supports you in living in flow.  There are gazillions of self help books and spiritual books to help you learn information about healing and flow, but experience is the only true knowledge.  We are expert insight and healing facilitators through the model of co creating our space and time together.

We are different than Therapy because WE BELIEVE THAT YOU hold your best Wisdom to heal and do better, we just help you find it. 

We are different than traditional spiritual circles in that we have a STRONG FOCUS ON HOW YOU DO, in life alongside how you feel and are.

The combination ofCOACHING, HEALING, FUNCTION, AND INTUITIVE FLOWare what we call WISDOM. It is a powerful new way to be and create in life that will bring you great success, inner peace, and fulfillment.