I Am Very Well Suited to Help You

using my strengths to discover, develop, and implement yours!

One might describe me as a Functional Psychic, a Highly Accomplished Woo, or a Practical Intuitive.   I am a rare juxtaposition of someone who is mightily driven for excellence in the real world, but with highly developed capacities with energetic information from beyond, aka Psychic.  Most who are gifted with these type of capacities, work in the spiritual world of woo, offering energetic healing, psychic predicting, etc.  That feels way too fluffy for me. The main drive seems to be to heal and in many ways spirituality can be damaging because it dismisses doing.  One cannot OM their way to riches and accomplishment!  Yup stuff does show up, but if your eyes are closed in meditation all day, you don't see it.  And you are in pain because we are meant to be doing. We are creators, we are energy, and energy is to move!


 I prefer to use my "capacities beyond" to develop excellence in living into your full potential and more importantly full capacity and delivering of your gifts and talents, in the every day real world of living, relating and accomplishing!  I help you develop your woo, AND your functional skills to do great things!  Woo... to the do!  Thrive & Excel from your awareness, not suffer from it!  Here are some examples:

  • Aligned decisions as stepping stones to more ease and fulfillment in accomplishing.

  • Not falling into mental illness because no one taught you how to decipher and understand all that your sensitive self takes on.

  • Sweet Spot strengths as keys to life paths.

  • Social Savvy from your ability to read the field inside a person as well as the dynamic field of a group connecting functionally or socially.  

MY STRENGTHS IN ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY TO KNOW DEEPLY are powerful tools that offer succinct shifts and growth for you  .When we sit or experience together, I can directly feel both emotionally and energetically what you are experiencing and sharing. I sense and know things beyond what you may be conscious of.  This powerful and authentic information guides me to help you have insights, and shift energies, that open you to healing and receiving your own wisdom. Ultimately life then feels and goes a whole lot better.  Why does opening to your own wisdom matter?  How is it helpful?



  1. It informs your healing and physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  You heal yourself and are able to stay in wellness or wholeness more of the time.

  2. Healing thus helps you be more open, spacious, and grounded and you become a greater receptor of  your wisdom.  Like on a radio, your channel is clear and strong.

  3. You are confident and sense a strong direction of action, step by step, by being able to avoid the noise and clearly decipher next steps.  Life becomes more generative and forward.  Worry and stress reduce or disappear because you are in your creating in partnership with Wisdom.  Your point of power in creating is in the moment, and steps 1 and 2 above help you live more in the powerful present.  My space of presence entrains you to yours/ours and this essence of awakening, awareness, and yes perfect okayness to be you in action happens between us and in the spaces here. 

FUNCTIONAL WELLNESS AND LIFE DESIGN - When you are a sensitive neuro diverse person, it frequently, if not always feels too much.  We struggle like open nerves in the wind.  Our natural response is to shut down to protect ourselves. One of the purposes of Wisdom Spaces was to create an inherently calming, safe space to explore and develop your functional side too!

  • What are your natural strengths, ways of doing things that are easy?

  • Develop skills to witness your reactions and turn them into responses.

  • Heal from challenges and failure and open back up to living and thriving by practicing here!

  • Develop freedom of expression and learn how to use your functional and energetic capacities to live and succeed in creative flow!

  • Design the type and amount of things in your life so that you are set up to succeed.

  • Understand and implement your optimal environments for good functioning.



We come together here, to give you the experience of exploring, discovering, and  opening so that you can live your life and find your way, your way!