Sacred Wisdom Circle

A space to share your life and receive support and resources with others who desire the same!  When one has a group to rely on, life trajectory improves and we become happier and do better.  

$11 a month ($1 of every monthly subscription is donated to charity)

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Teen Girls Wisdom  Circle as part of our weekly group...


This online forum is offered for our Wisdom Girls group for ages 11-14 to help them become powerful, centered, and supported young women by learning how to work together as exactly who they are.  We all need a safe space of support where we can be ourselves...  


Offered in addition to our weekly group, this circle offers real time, all week connection!

THOSE MOMS of special needs kids 

A space for Moms of kids who look "regular" but who learn, function and behave differently.  This is a unique subset of parents who have to manage not only daily decisions on professional support, but whose lives are complicated and often exhausting. 

Come together anonymously with others to gain in the moment support, powerful resources, and more! 

$11 a month ($1 of every monthly subscription is donated to charity)

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Wisdom Circles

Whenever two or more are gathered...

We all are better when we can regularly come together for wisdom, love and support in our lives.  Our groups are designed to be spaces of safety, wisdom and unconditional love, along with expertise and resources to help you with whatever you are desiring in life.

These online offerings are available "real time" meaning you can check in for support 24 hours a day.  We believe that an hour once a week is not enough at all.  When we are able to process life's occurrences while they are emotionally charged, that is where the greatest learning and release happens!


Paid Membership Circles which include:

in person and virtual group support and discussion, online avatar, unique and specific on-topic content, Special Events, guest speakers, and so much more!

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Wisdom Spaces is a social entrepreneurship, which means we give back.  $1 of every subscription is donated to charities doing good work!