Wisdom Girls 

Ages 11-14

a monthly membership group that meets on Mondays 6:45-7:45.  

Join us for any month, or for all of them!

Wisdom Girls Sessions are meant to be safe spaces of fun and connection that inherently creates skillsets that might include: 

  • Self Management of emotions

  • Build confidence

  • Develop non judgement

  • Practice seeing the best and getting along with others doing things together

  • Leadership

  • Intuition and skills to self guide to their own unique greatness.

  We offer a "loose" monthly curriculum option, (meaning it's a general guide but we go with what the girls want and need on any given night) to learn, have fun and even serve others together.  The vision is that through this unwaveringly safe connection for everyone, this group is inherenly therapeutic.  While it may seem counter productive, a space of "no try" where you can let down and be yourself is a crucial offering for our girls in todays world.  

Projects are always creative and always facilitated to allow everyone to be who they are! 


  1. If you were a super hero, tell us about yoruself! Design your own version of she'ro and even try her on.  A powerful creative and visioning exercise that helps one tap into their values and important and become inspired to live a life of difference making and service. 

  2. Explore intuitive painting (wisdom painting) a free expression and emotional processing experience that teaches us about judgement of others and self, and allows flow to be experienced!

  3. Energy and Confidence - using the tool of energy to both protect yourself, but also to help heal others.  Learn how to be you, and be safe and ok with that!

  4. Journaling - journey within, is a guided journaling month where we express ourselves in writing!

  5. Doodle time - Learn about graphic note taking and how being creative can open you up to great ideas!  Graphic journaling can be born here too!

  6. Organize, motivate and thrive - it's a custom thing. - a month on how to manage your self to craft a good day and be in integrity with what you planned.

  7. Kindness and seeing the gold, no matter what - learn how to manage your judgement of others and yourself and see what you prefer to see, things about them that make you fall in love with them. For we are each doing our best in our own journey of life.

  8. Boundaries, and meet & greet with horses - practice energetic boundaries and field awareness with the ponies that translates directly to skills with others.  We ultimately own how our social life goes, and how we react to it.  

  9. Our thoughts, emotions, and illness - learn how our thoughts effect our bodies and how to practice healthy thinking.  

Special Workshops open to the public - these will be on Saturday Afternoons dates coming soon 


  • Thanksgiving Gratitude Blast - a post it note extravaganza where we come together for a full hour (or maybe longer ) and post things we have gratitude for!

  • Reinvent yourself - A New Year's workshop of declaration and commitment.

  • Mother Daughter Wisdom Painting Relationship Building 1/2 day.

  • Mother Daughter healing w horses Relationship Building 1/2 day

  • Mother Daughter "Journey Within" Journaling 1/2 day

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...