When was the last time you just let go?

What if you could allow yourself to play, relax, and just create?

A Pathway to Wisdom

When we rest the mind we become a spacious state of flow and answers just arrive.

Release the past and experience the miracle of just being.  

Wisdom Painting teaches you to focus on the process and remain open to the outcome.  When you remain open, that's where the outcomes becomes something better than you could have ever imagined.

Wisdom Painting transports us to a place of more conscious yet also "no mind" presence.

A fluidity happens as you are lost in the process of expressing and creating, it's as if the canvas becomes it's own entity because you are not associating yourself so much with it's outcome but instead feeling into each choice of color and brush stroke.  


The final creation is messenger who offers insight and guidance for you.

Come paint with us and experience the wonder and awe of how it all really occurs..s


I look forward to painting with you!

Carla Hakim O'Brien

The Very Reluctant Artist 

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...