Wisdom Journaling

Guided Journaling

Choose from our Morning Wisdom Positive Journal or a variety of other offerings that take you through journaling processes to  heal, release, and create that change in your experience of life.  When one takes a journey within, their experience of life and it's accomplishments have profound improvements.

Art Journaling

Creative expression to process pain or just quiet the mind, an active meditation, is a lifelong habit that gives someone a place to get in touch with what is occuring inside.  The results are self awareness, self knowledge, and the ability to release difficulty that remains in the body from emotional situations and move on with a clear and happy mind.  It's a fun and healthy practice.  We bring awareness to the energy of expression and help reset the cognitive habit of negative thinking by encouraging how positive thoughts feel better.  In today's world, peaceful and positive thinking is more foreign, and we help you reset that predominantly negative stressed "mode" to a happier, and more flowing with life, and excited and inspired in life, mode.

Potential Efficacy:

emotional release, space of processing to move on from difficulty, connection with self and others, non judgemental free expression, intuitive development, social sharing, story telling, developing one's style, growth mindset, 

Intuitive Coach Carla O'Brien

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