The PROCESS of creating in flow, is an emotional and energetic experience that shifts your cellular being in such a profound way.  It can create a rapid healing response that frees you to insights and a new way of existence that translates directly and area of your life and business.  FLOW is where one's greatest ease and highest accomplishments occur.  It is where one is released to the highest and purest version of oneself, delivering ones' gifts with such ease and momentum that it feels like a magic carpet ride.

This is a skill, that anyone can develop, and Wisdom Painting is one modality of development.  Skill must be developed from experience, you can't read about it or talk about it in a therapists office.  One must have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience to release, have insight, shift, and literally practice their newly desired state of existence.  This internal alignment can be achieved through  the repeated practice of creating in the FLOW of the truth of who you are and what you are here for. 

Wisdom Painting is an experience that helps you develop awareness and energetic "muscle" that gives you the ability to be "uber present".  This presence is a space of pure awareness and availability that is the antidote to mind stress, fear, and sadness.  Simply stated when one can notice (have awareness) that their thinking is creating (dis - ease) in the body, the instant antidote is to become very very present. This is a skill that can be developed through practice.  Wisdom painting accomplishes this because it taps into so many facets of your subconscious belief system through the act of creating on a large canvas.

Just imagine stepping up to a blank canvas that is as big as you are.  It's daunting and all kinds of very powerful thoughts and subsequent emotions follow. The canvas can become your space of healing expression. Layer upon layer of your pain and fear gets released onto that canvas.  With every layer, your body is releasing negative and limiting holding patterns that contribute to lack of inspiration, stuckness, stress, and less than stellar results in one's life and business.  Each layer of release creates space, for the truth of who you are to come forth and the intuitive wisdom guidance to be heard and carried out.  Your greatest accomplishment and joy of creating them lives right here on that canvas!

Our subconscious patterning occurs in the first seven years of life, but we are not aware of that this "essence of a viewpoint" is literally driving the bus of our lives.  We might even notice, and be a bit confused about why we feel what we do, but we are not well versed on how to become aware of the specific beliefs nor how to develop a shift and thus new more true, more you, happy and productive existence.

The traditional spiritual world has a place in the healing and release of what is limiting us, but it lacks greatly in helping us truly shift in such a way that it sticks as we are "doing our doing."  One might do a transformational weekend but the moment you return to life, it all comes flooding back in.  You might go to yoga class and lose yourself in the focus of your body and poses, but as soon as you walk through the door at work, the stress and patterning takes over and the balance is gone in an instant.  


 That's because the subconscious system, having been predominant for your lifetime has created actual brain changes that make this negative and stressful programming your default state.  To change that, one needs a profound emotional awakening and subsequent reinforcing repetition to secure the next highest version of you!  

When you shift in this literal cellular and energetic way, life occurrences, including business success, shift with you.  Without the internal work, it is possible to create the level of success you desire, however, eventually one wakes up and realizes this constant state of willpower and try depletes,or illness can set in due to the lack of attention to the negative patterning.

What if, this new way, could help you deliver YOUR greatest difference making and achievement in  your life and business with ease?  What if YOU, can become a master at awareness, choice and the ability to get into a state of flow at anytime, no matter what the circumstances, and shift your life trajectory profoundly.

Wisdom Painting is an experience that brings you beyond the drama, to a state of uber presence and flow. In this state we find utter gratitude for our breaths, complete joy in  the colors that enrich our heart, and movement and flow in our bodies that heals us.

When one embarks on a journey of change, we can often learn to see how we are existing through our habitual interpretations of life.  It's as if we have a certain color of eye glasses and it's difficult to change the color, ever.  This is because the subconscious programming is literally ingrained in our brain structure.  Like the grooves on an overused record, our brains have formed synapses that keep us more likely to be in those unwanted thought processes as a habit.


Unbridled, undefined expression is a reset button of subconscious programming and repeating  the experience  changes brain and energetic patterning structure such that we are able to reprogram to a higher level of existence and accomplishment. 

You profound growth is just a brush stroke away.