Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...




Welcome to Wisdom Spaces

{nature, horses, art, journaling, and intuitive healing and coaching} 


helping you gain a deeper relationship with that inner sense of knowing, your Wisdom,

 through practicing and gaining experience in the wide open Space of deeply connected, creative flow,

 as a powerful way to make better decisions, produce desired results, with love, ease, grace and fun along the way...

"take off your armor and expect to catch a glimpse of the life sustaining energy that flows through you, that takes care of you, that provides for every one of your needs"

Pam Grout

I wanted to create a serene, loving, magical Space, where you could get away from the stress and anxiety that we are all feeling,as we work to build our lives, relationships, businesses and our futures. 


A Space to feel safe, to breathe,and to quiet, to recalibrate our nervous systems and open our hearts and minds, so that we can hear the whispers of wisdom supporting us all the time.  

A Space to re find yourself and your way,

and to fall back in love with living.

I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien and I invite you to explore my insights and offerings, all of which are created to help you make your life a little easier, richer, and better. 

Join me for a fun event, gathering, or workshop. Stop by an open house, peruse our small store, the art, and feel what it's like being here    If you are too busy to come by,maybe join me for an online class or group.


For those highly resonant for deeper transformation and healing, I offer one on one sessions to help you powerfully shift.   We can work  for one session for things like processing something difficult, to get clarity on a decision or to find a grounded place for an important presentation.   Or we can co create a package to make your transformation a deeper commitment.



TheJust Flow Love Project

 The Just Flow Love Project is my quest is to bring the energy of love to the forefront of our lives.  In this very stressful and chaotic time in the world, I believe that re opening our hearts to love, will make a huge difference towards coming together as a people.


As an intuitive artist, I flow love, healing, and wisdom onto canvasses, in the image of a heart. My focus is on using my capacities to bring specific energies into the paint and onto the canvas, versus making a particularly pretty image. 


The result is a piece of art that loves, heals, and guides you, your family, a corporate family, or a space like a hospital or your work, or someone's home!

My quest is to put these paintings out into the world in as many spaces as possible AND to bring people together to connect and to flow love for themselves and others.

When you paint like this with others, it creates a deep bond between you.  I believe that love heals and creates all, and is our highest form of expression as humans.  People remark at how much this process helps them feel better in other areas of their lives and work!,


Create a fundraiser for your favorite organization, a team building project for your corporation, or a birthday party for your friends and loved ones.

Join me for a "just flow love" day long retreat and have a powerful shift for yourself!


Thank you for helping me put the energy of love and wisdom in everyone's hands and spaces!

2020 1st Quarter Events

(coming soon)

Wisdom Painting Open Studio & Workshops 1st quarter 2020!

Join me in the studio for healing and creative exploration!  Connect authentically with yourself, others and the canvas! (coming soon)

Just Flow Love Intuitive Heart Painting Birthday Parties and Events for Valentines!

an fun energetic cleansing and opening of your heart space that results in a heart painting to hang in your space or gift to others!  Offered as events and birthday parties ages 16 up!

(coming soon)

Join me for online "let's explore" monthly classes!

like a personal interactive podcast, a convenient, affordable  exploration in ways to live happier and have more success

(coming soon)

Weekly Mindfulness Healing Workshops

come every week or as you need to breathe, relax, and have gain insightful wisdom to live with more peace and ease

(coming soon)

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