I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien

Founder and Facilitator of the Wisdom Spaces Experience!

I wanted to create a place where one could come, to relax and find inner peace.  Here you can have a deep, enriching, connective experience or simply read a book by the spring house pond or write in your journal on the soulful historic porch.

.  You might be looking for healing, or support or growth, or you you might just want to have a really cool thing to do and explore!


  We all need a place to get away, and just be ourselves, safely and unapologetically. Wisdom Spaces is just that!



Three Types of Offerings

Work One on One with Carla

Work one on one with Carla in person in any space that calls you that day.  Receive powerful one on one healing and have experiences that help you grow in confidence, clarify your next step, and feel inspired and supported to find your way, your way.  

Book a Private 1/2 Day Retreat

Celebrate life with a custom designed Wisdom Spaces Experience 1/2 day retreat.  We are currently booking max 5 people, ages 16+ for 4 delightful hours of presence, creativity, and connection with art, journaling, horses, and nature and in the warm months, pool time!   

Join A Community

Offered as a hybrid of online and in person. Our communities offer unconditional love support and on going learning to help you thrive together!  Groups are $20 a month and offer you priority and discounts on all Wisdom Spaces offerings! 

Events & Classes

Join Carla for fun and enlightening Events like Friday Responsive Doodle Nights, Saturday night Wisdom Painting Open Studio.  Or sign up for 6 week long Creative Expression art journaling or Wisdom Painting classes!  Many more too!

Just Flow Love Shop, gifts from the divine...

Bring a little wisdom with you!  The Wisdom Cottage has Intuitive Art and Unique Gifts for all clients and visitors.  Candles, Crystals, Journals, and more!

Available for now only to private clients or at events/retreats.


Send me an email and ask me questions!

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Anyone seeking inner peace, higher awareness, deeper presence, and inner wisdom.

Feel better, do better, live better...

Neurodiverse Moms, Families & Adults

Become extraordinary in navigating your unique family or your unique self, by learning through experience how to thrive as exactly who you are!

Intuitives, Empaths, Anxiety, Highly Sensitive Persons

Put your capacities to work for you instead of suffering from them.  Become the super power you actually are!


Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices, fund raisers, and scholarships as well as donating art to causes.