Welcome to Wisdom Spaces









a learning & retreat center

for women, families, and corporate families  

 offering experiential "spaces" that promote 

well being, love, connectedness, fun,

intuition and creative flow.


  • play with horses

  • find freedom painting on a giant canvas

  • create with other in a journal to awaken your aliveness

  • connect with others in nature & our soulful Wisdom Cottage

  • join an online/in person group and be supported by a community with a common intention to thrive no matter what

A place to leave all the chaos and noise behind for just an hour or  even for a whole day, to quiet, destress, heal, connect deeply

and awaken the wonder and excitement of being alive again!


Each space offers experiences that promote healing, insight, and clarity,

We help you release stress and process past occurences that still mire your ability to live in well being.   

Open your mind and heart to a renewed confidence.

Awaken to the wonder of living with aliveness and freedom! 

 Learn how to tap into  your intuitive wisdom and use creative flow everyday to build a life that fills you and those you love.







With all the challenges of Covid 19 and today's world situation.

most of us are living in chronic stress

There is a literal explosion of anxiety in our children and ourselves. 

But can do better no matter what is happening in the world.


,When women bring their best self, their full potential to their lives, 

It brings your children there with you.

It brings your employees there with you.

 this is how the world heals,

this is how we make our greatest contribution. 

Join me...







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Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...