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In The Art of Living Wisely.

Welcome!  I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien 

Intuitive Wisdom Guide, and 

Creator of Wisdom Spaces!

If you are exhausted with the struggle, tired of trying so hard, only to still be feeling lost, riding a perpetual emotional roller coaster every day, Wisdom Spaces can really help you. 


We build communities, and offer retreats, that heal us and bring us together in our inherent wellness and wholeness.  Just like a cut, we can naturally heal in the right environments.  Together, we can support each other to living a lighter, happier, and also more accomplished lives. 


Together, we get busy building our lives, not suffering from them.

  Our wholeness includes both our inner mental game that sets the tone for our daily tasking and how we see and experience life's happenings, and putting our higher selves to work consistently with highly functional life design and skillsets that support accomplishing what we want! 


  When we experience generative spaces together, when we have others with the same quest, we heal and gain a better ability to thrive, and create lives that feel fulfilling, inspiring, and loving regardless of circumstances or what is happening for us, or in the world. 


Your good living and great accomplishing is waiting for you!

You can learn how to find it here. 

The energy and outlook of the environments that we choose for ourselves, is where we find our wisest lives.  I know how to build such communities!  

We each have unique greatness, that unless put to work daily, leaves us feeling anything from "off" to full of anxiety and depression. They are symptoms of an incorrect understanding of how life works, and the fact that we, ourselves are off course.

Therapy can be helpful, but we are spending too much time there. It is not the only solution.  

This is a great option to explore finding your wholeness.

Join me in a community or for a weekend and see for yourself. 

That is the spirit, philosophy, and science of everything I offer here at Wisdom Spaces.

Feel safe to be completely yourself here, acknowledged, admired and  supported.   Move through challenges quickly and learn how focus yourself to raise your literal level of living, such that the daily experiencing life itself, is wonderful!  From there what you can accomplish will amaze you! 


Join us to live uplifting, inspired and accomplished lives together. Bringing your greatest your to daily living, and positively and powerfully  influence all who cross your path,  your kids, your co workers, and your communities! 

There is nothing more powerful than a safe place to be yourself as your platform to thriving and accomplishing what you are here for.  


That's what we do!

Communities are hybrid, online and in person (once Covid is under control.)


3 day weekend retreats are in person with a small number of 4-6 people who can stay socially distanced and safe at the Wisdom Cottage. 


I also work personally one on one for more succinct and rapid results.

Come for a fun, reflective, creative and inspiring weekend with your friends, families, co workers, or most powerfully for yourself! 

Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art is one of the ways that you can explore freedom of expression and creative flow.  Everyone enjoys this process because it requires no art skills, but instead a willingness to jump into the process of pure creative expression.  You will be so surprised at what comes through you, when you quiet your mind and express!

My art only ever created that way.  It's raw.  I am completely untrained.  I paint from an utterly free yet deeply present state of awareness.  Intuitive energy flows through me, and  informs my mark making and color craving and choice.  

In our Intuitive Freedom art retreat weekends, you get to have the amazing experience this process for yourself.  It is healing and often life changing, not to mention, a whole lot of fun!



Healing & Relationship w Horses

Being in the energy of the herd, is a place of powerful healing and opening such that you see things with a fresh perspective and gain great inner wisdom that guides you to better living.  Equine time is reflective and active!  As you are held in their unconditional love and see yourself in action, you learn new ways of resilience, and how to be generative and more on fire for living.  The horses help you raise your space of life itself, such that things go way better and you roll better with all the difficulties of today's world!

Clients reduce anxiety, lift depression, and gain new abilities of better function and more fluid and forward lives!  

Journaling in wide open sacred spaces

Get away from the chaos and problems and find a quiet space on our beautiful 32 acres to journal to insightful wisdom, process challenges, awaken to a new way of living in more joy, seeing more beauty, and loving life more!


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Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices, fund raisers, and scholarships as well as donating art to causes.