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Hi!  I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien and I am an Intuitive Specialist, and the Founder of Wisdom Spaces.  My quest is to help you who struggle with feeling " sensitive, different, and misunderstood," you who feel everything so acutely,and seem to have a different way of learning and being in the world, to learn to use these unfettered, unrecognized, energetic intelligences to thrive and be successful.  You see I don't agree with the entire idea of disabilities. Instead, I see super abilities, a new kind of intelligence that will have you well suited for today and tomorrow's world.  


I know for sure that everyone has a unique path to their greatness and I have a lifetime of learning how to help you make that happen in some of the toughest life circumstances.  In fact I think that if life is really hard, you are destined for big things! 


Now I am inspired and committed to use my capabilities to hep you develop yours! 

We who are highly aware, have a strong sense of a multitude of fields of information that serve to offer us the ability to "just know."  Intuition is simply a connecting of the dots from a large number of fields of information.  It might apply to a relationship, a decision of life direction or even business hiring or direction.  Everyone has intuitive capacities but we the sensitive have extreme capacities.   When we put them to work, they guide you and create more ease and flow in your life, resulting in more inner peace and better outer results.


But we are not taught how to calibrate, manage and use it all. We receive a multitude of diagnoses, like ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, or ODD. The list is endless.  But when we get smarter, we can do better with helping our kids, ourselves, and our leaders to thrive. 

In the world of therapy, some great work is done, but there is such a focus on "coping skills" which can help after the fact.  But why don't we go below or before the need to cope?  Then we can focus on creating and living our lives instead of all the fixing and self improvement.  


Wisdom Spaces are healing, safe, creative and deeply connecting environments in which to have insightful and healing experiences with horses, intuitive art, journaling and nature.  They are the playground for energetic learning and calibration as well as creativity, to develop your intuitive capacities.


Currently I offer individual and group sessions online and in person, workshops, weekly healing opportunities,  

and fun events for families, individuals and corporate teams to enjoy this amazing exploration for insight and wisdom, and the shift to living and creating really well.  

Read some blogs for insight or to learn more, join our newsletter to hear of upcoming events and offerings, and I hope you'll join me in an experience that calls to you, and start your path to your path!  Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or just to say Hi, and thanks for visiting me here!

Much Love and Wisdom,




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