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My name is Carla Hakim O'Brien and I am an Intuitive Healer and Functional Coach. I have decades of experience helping  kids, families, and women, to function better, feel better, and ultimately to live more successfully and happily as exactly who they are!   I can show you how behavioral , mental, emotional, or functional differences are simply the portals to your success and happiness. When we are constantly trying to be someone we are not, we struggle.  Here, you can find  and create your self and your life, your way!


My wisdom spaces are carefully researched and crafted environments to learn and grow through experience, not just talking.  It all feels like a time of enriching, and interesting playful discovery.  Your well being and wisdom are inherent, built in!  Playing and connecting in wisdom spaces, puts your focus on growth and strengths.  Everything gets lighter, more fun, and deliciously  creative!  


 Active mindfulness, presence awareness, intuitive skills (learn what's a good decision for you), self discovery, play, and pure creative flow are exciting ways to learn and grow important mind sets and skill sets for today's and tomorrow's world! 

I am able to help anyone interested in improving their quality of life and having creative fun and be more successful at the same time!


I welcome you to join me simply for a cool thing to do, or to solve a problem or shift from a lower level of daily living to one that feels good!  Choose from  a class, a membership community or for private intuitive conversations.   


Make decisions that excite you.

Live more presently and wisely with less stress!

Feel really good to be who you are!

Parent with more wisdom, love and understanding and of course, ease!


My work with you is experiential and somatic, such that it incorporates all of you, mind, emotion, body, and spirit.  Time here with me is not at all therapy but it is very therapeutic!   


Choose your favorite space each week and leave screens and stress behind, while you connect to nature, horses, art, journaling, or ... me!

Scroll down for current offerings and feel free to contact me with any questions!  I offer small class sizes and both online and in person options and meet all CDC guidelines for Covid Safety.  

Thanks for visiting!

Love and Wisdom,



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we all need a place to relax, and fall in love with living again

classes, monthly  groups, workshops,






visit and simply rest


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equine energy heals and teaches and helps us feel loved, a practice ground for doing better

Having intimate, grounded and fun learning experiences with the soulful loving energy of a horse is healing and opens you to see things in a fresh new way.  

Learn more about efficacy of horses by clicking here...

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wisdom intuitive painting is a delightful and delicious dive into creative freedom

wisdom painting Friday/Saturday evenings 

Open Studio, 1/2 day retreats,

 and online groups

when we open to pure responsive expression with unlimited paint and a giant canvas, a feeling of freedom happiness, and pure creative flow arrives that we didn't even know we were craving

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journaling relieves stress and opens creative flow offering insights & leaving us more healthy & whole



monthly journaling membership community

& workshops

Journaling in community with others, whether art journaling or simply written expression, builds a self understanding and groundedness that connects us deeply to life and each other

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nobody can understand what it's like to be us...but we do


Extra Ordinary Moms

a monthly membership community


a loving and uplifting community of moms of extra ordinary kids deeply committed to being an extraordinary mom who also has a quest to enjoy this precious time raising them

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it really helps to take time to quiet your mind and create from your heart.


freedom art journaling membership community for tweens and teens

in person at Wisdom Spaces

ages 10-12 and 13-16

It is the Spaces that we create together while interacting in "experience", that offers safety,  healing, and growth.  Kids need a safe place to be and create freely, as completely themselves.  When they can regularly escape the noises and pressures in a healthy and nurturing community, they grow naturally into strong and happy people!  

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we are a 32 acre learning and retreat center created just for you, to get some space away from the stress, and have loving, fun, creative and enriching experiences.

For Families, Individuals, and Corporate Families

having a community of people committed to seeing the guidance that is always showing us the way, increases the communication with divine wisdom so you can better live happily in the wonder...


Wisdom Women

Intuitive Community

Wisdom Women is an online/in person group to play and grow with recognizing and implementing the synchronistic signs always helping and guiding us.  Staying purposeful and conscious of guidance, we make better decisions, feel more grounded, and live in awe of what is really happening beyond our usual ways of perceiving the world!

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beyond the drama is a lighter and happier life always there waiting for you...

"lighter" membership community

a convenient space and community to help with a lighter mind, body, and spirit.  we all need somewhere to hold us and help us through challenging times. Support, acceptance and a quest for living a richer, deeper, more successful life with much more ease. 

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 wisdom girls

 community classes

ages 6-8 and 8-10 

a community of girls who meet weekly to explore and grow in all our spaces.  Creative play and projects that build personal power, self esteem, social savvy, compassion, problem solving and more!

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Art Journaling Classes

ages 7-16


2 hours classes for girls divided by age to explore freedom of expression and creative play with eco-art journaling  Incorporate nature, and mindfulness into art!


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journey with us

Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices and scholarships as well as donating a portion of funds to charitable causes...