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I'm Carla Hakim O'Brien, the

creator of

Wisdom Spaces

Hi!  If you are like me, it's challenging to live well and succeed as yourself in a world that doesn't seem to fit.  You might have a slew of diagnoses or you just might feel sensitive and confused a lot.


 You are definitely really intelligent, and seem to see and know things "beyond" or faster than "regular people" do.  But you might need to express your brilliances differently.  You might need to learn in a different way and your social communication with others can be wonky.  


 Things that are easy for them are so hard for you, yet you have superlative capabilities in a lot of areas.

Some descriptions of people like us, are ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Highly Sensitive Person, PTSD or Trauma, Empath, or even Psychic.

We deal with a lot of mental emotional stress, and also struggle to succeed as who we are.  We experience a lot of failure and emotional ups and downs, and go to a lot of different therapies to supposedly fix us and help us to fit in better.  

It's time to stop suffering from our capabilities and unique capacities and instead thrive with them!  We are super humans!  

It's time for another look and a new approach to helping us live well.

We... are the neurodiverse, and we are perfectly designed.  There is nothing about us that is a mistake or that needs fixing.  Sure we have opportunities to develop skills to support us in making our way in life, but they are skills, not coping skills. 


When we understand ourselves we don't need coping skills.  We are too busy living well and creating with our brilliances!  Suffering greatly limits our ability to succeed in our lives as exactly who we are.

We need environments that calibrate our sensory chaos and uber awareness naturally, so that we can feel safe, focused, and learn and grow.  

We need to learn from experience, fun experiences that give us insights and new skills, and that incorporate our wholeness, mind, body and spirit!  

I have a mastery helping you find your path and skillset to feel fulfilled, inspired, and on a path to succeed and live well as exactly who you are!  After almost 60 years as myself, 26 years of raising 4 Neurodiverse kids, and 12 years as a practitioner of all ages of this population and their Moms and families,  I have created Wisdom Spaces to be a place for you, to learn to thrive as the wonderful perfection that you are! 


Who We Serve

Neurodiverse Adults

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Understand your strengths and be supported to put them to work to thrive and succeed!

Neurodiverse Moms & Families

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Become extraordinary in navigating your unique family without forgetting to really enjoy the journey.

Intuitives, Empaths, HSP

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Put your capacities to work for you instead of suffering from them.  Become the super power you actually are!

Wisdom Cottage Space Rental

This porch is waiting for you!  Specific spaces within the cottage are available for 1/2 day rental M-F, 9-12 or 1-4. A time of digital detox, no internet, to rest, read, reflect and create.

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Join an online/in person community 

Carla is the founder of THOSE MOMS, a powerfully supportive and successful community of Moms whose kids struggle. I am offering 3 new Communities for you to find your tribe and never feel alone again!

* Wisdom Intuitives - play in the energy together, focusing on synchronicities and wisdom allowing it to be a powerful tool for wellness and success!

* Extraordinary Moms of Neurodiverse families (the next best version of THOSE MOMS

* Live Well - Explore how we can be wiser and live lighter, creative lives we love and falling in love with ourselves and each other with great ease!

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Retreat, Workshop or One on One with Carla

A great opportunity to heal and grow that is peaceful, enriching and life changing.  Explore and Discover in a workshop or retreat, or if you know what you are seeking, book some time one on one with Carla!  

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Wisdom Spaces is a Social Entrepreneurship offering low prices, fund raisers, and scholarships as well as donating art to causes.