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Beautiful Testimonials of Healing, Empowerment, and Transformation from Clients & Visitors

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Beautiful Teen Autist Works on her Depression and Her Functioning

My 14 year old autistic child who is a type one diabetic is working with Miss Carla. They have an excellent rapport. Carla is teaching my daughter to advocate for herself and to communicate what is important to others. By extension she is also teaching “mom” to step aside and let my daughter advocate for herself. Carla and my daughter work on her goals in a myriad of ways.  They have painted, journaled, played with the horses and

had very productive conversations while walking the property at Round Hill. My daughter always comes back from Carla in a better mood and eager to move forward despite struggling with depression. I highly recommend working with Miss Carla. She helps on so many levels with so many issues.

AM Vedaa

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Treat yourself to Self Care

My first session with Carla was a gift from my wonderful colleagues.  I admit that I would not have sought out such an opportunity myself as I am not an artist and I often don’t put my self-care first.   During that first session, I was hooked.  I have had several more since then.  The experience was ‘freeing’ and ‘light.’  I painted for the first time and those paintings are my favorite paintings in my house.  This is definitely something everyone who needs some ‘grounding’ should try.  Carla is an amazing listener and always provides support for my feelings.  I consider these sessions to be unique in my life because they allowed me to put me first, which support and guidance.  I cannot recommend Wisdom Spaces more!  You will be glad that you did this for yourself!  As an added bonus, the setting is amazing, relaxing, and has beautiful views of Loudoun’s countryside.

Dr Judy Hanley Ph.D.

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A super busy Mom finds release, healing, and awakens

'I just came from my first Wisdom Spaces meeting with Carla. We decided to sit outside on her porch and drank tea. We looked at the beautiful trees with the few leaves left, noticing the birds, the wind blowing through the bamboo and rustling the leaves on the ground and blowing through the chimes. Carla listened well and shared things that helped me understand myself better, things about wisdom, how we hold stress in our bodies, and much more. Sometimes, we just listened to the silence. We talked about how I'm holding tension in my body. She helped talk me through a relaxation technique to release tension. Carla noticed specific things about me, such as my learning style and other personal aspects that people who've known me for years have never seen. She also invited me to paint at our next session. I felt more peaceful after our meeting. I look forward to seeing Carla again soon!'

April Fortune

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Profound Healing that unbound my soul and helped me find my purpose and passion for healing with creativity

Almost three years ago, I found my way to Wisdom Spaces, and that moment marked the genesis of a life-changing odyssey. It was here that I encountered your remarkable artistry, wisdom, and guidance. Thanks to you, I underwent a profound transformation and discovered a profound passion for creativity that had long laid dormant within me. Today, I proudly consider myself an artist, painting not just with brushes and colors but with my heart and soul.
Your mentorship has been a source of profound healing. Through your teachings, I've discovered the therapeutic and cathartic power of art. It's been a journey of self-discovery and self-expression that has allowed me to unburden my soul, find inner peace, and forge a deeper connection with myself and the world around me.
You've shown me how to infuse my art with emotion and meaning, how to convey stories and messages through every brushstroke, every line on a canvas. The way you guide me has been nothing short of alchemical, allowing me to touch the hearts of those who encounter my work. You've made me see that art is not just about aesthetics; it's about making people feel something different, something profound, something transformative.

The depth of my gratitude for your influence is immeasurable. You've not only been my mentor but also an endless source of inspiration. You've empowered me to see the world through a different lens, to perceive its beauty, its pain, and its glory more vividly. Your teachings have transformed my art from a mere hobby into a vehicle for profound self-expression, a means to share my heart with the world.
But the ripples of your impact extend far beyond my own artistic journey. Inspired by your profound mission, I embarked on a path to help young people through art. I introduced art into the nonprofit organization I was working with, and the results were nothing short of awe-inspiring. I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of art in the lives of young teens, as it helped them discover their voices, heal their wounds, and express themselves in ways they never thought possible. This mission to uplift and inspire through art has now become a core part of my own purpose, and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Andres Uribe

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A spa for your heart

Carla is magic.

In a world of surgical and stark therapies Carla with her wisdom, energy, kindness and intelligence offers us something very alive and tangible

I must be honest here, I am a friend of Carla’s. But I have been a part of witnessed magic and miracles at her Wisdom Space. As a certified Music Therapist I have brought clients of mine to her and they connected and found parts of themselves that may have never encountered. There is so much there that is possible from Painting, to nature, to horses, to swimming, but inside that little cottage she has the ability to work with you through art. You don’t need to be an artist, a painter, you need to just be willing. Willing to let go and take a little time for yourself to explore. I have painted in her studio for hours at a time and I left feeling I have perspective on life, my heart rate calmed and I feel created something from a deep part of myself. And she’s fun. Too much Woo Woo or too much clinical is a turn-off when you are trying to connected to someone helping you. Carla is the perfect mix of earth, sky and grounded in intelligence and wisdom. Take some time for yourself and you’ll be hooked. She offers a spa for you heart.

Tom Sweitzer Co Founder A Place To Be

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A Balm for your soul...

“Wisdom Spaces and Carla O’Brien are both magic! A balm for your soul, an opening for your heart, and a space to breathe and receive insights to better understand yourself and your way in this world. It’s so rare to find both a retreat space and a deeply intuitive guide that make you feel free and more alive. I highly recommend everyone to give themselves this gift!”

Kim Tapper Co Founder and Director A Place To Be

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