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What to Expect in a Wisdom Session

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This is your sacred time!

When you choose a one on one Wisdom Session, it is one of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself.  You will have healing and release, gain insight and clarity, and leave our time together feeling better, and having a new and inspired outlook for yourself and your life.

You choose your "space" which includes a Soul to Soul conversation, Freedom Painting, Equine Healing & Coaching, Wisdom Journaling, or A Wisdom Walk in Nature on our 32 acres.  Each space is carefully thought out and designed to help you with different things energetically, emotionally, and functionally.  I am happy to choose for you as well.  In my experience clients choose exactly what they need each visit!

My goal is for everyone to know they have a place to go and be safe, to heal and to grow. that is different from therapy.  We focus on what's good, on lightness, and how to shift ourselves from suffering and struggle, to well being and success. 

This little retreat I have created is for you!   I have learned how to love living and want that for everyone.  My intention is to help you have more ease, joy, and success as exactly who you are.  Change and growth doesn't have to be hard.  It can be insightful and joyful.  That's what happens here.

Choose to give yourself some care.  Choose to take the reins of your experience and then outcomes of your life.  You'll be really glad you did!

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