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There is nothing so powerful as the energy of a group of people coming together with a strong intention for

 living mentally and functionally healthier lives.

That translates to success in any area of your life.   


I have seen first hand, how helpful a like minded community can be in supporting you every day!  I love the idea of "real time" support in the palm of your hand. It is so helpful to  have a safe space to go to for connection  in the very  moment that you need it. 


Our communities are a very affordable option that still allows you to commit to  better living.   For the cost of most co pays, you get daily help!

In addition, you get a free 60 minute Discovery Session with Carla upon signing up.


Once you are a community member for three months, you  are then welcome to join any online class, that is open to the public, for free for the rest of the time you are a member!  

Learn and grow alongside others in your community,  with weekly live content, and healing, wisdom, and coaching group sessions

recorded for your ease in listening anytime!


Enjoy frequent and very relevant

wisdom and inspiration delivered right to your inbox.


Feel the support of 24 hour connection "real time" when you need it via a private community FB group facilitated by me. 


Community energies intend  to be uplifting and helpful in creating personal and collective connection, and that help us all to

live better!


$50 a month 

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Wisdom Collective

Join others who are on a quest to use inner wisdom as a trusted partner that informs you and guides you in your daily lives and endeavors.

Become a wisdom expert and watch the ease and yet powerful change that it brings to your life.

Have others to share it with and spiral upward in our loving and living as a community of we!

$50 a month ongoing subscription 

(see above for all that's included!)

Extra "Ordinary" Moms 

Moms have the most important job in the world. 

We are raising the future!

In my first Mom's group, THOSE MOMS, I created a safe space to learn, grow, and benefit from each other's experience and wisdom.  

Extra Ordinary Moms is the next better version of THOSE MOMS. 

I will be leading, teaching and supporting a whole new conversation around raising our "different" kids. I have great "wisdom from mostly the other side" of mothering my 4, working with 100's of families, and leading a group for 6 years!  

My goal is to help it all be so much more enjoyable, and for your kids to be able to thrive and succeed as who they are because I learned how to do that along the way!  You will be enthralled and so grateful for all the love, support and wisdom here!

$50 a month 

(see above for all that is included!)

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