There is nothing so powerful as a group of people coming together for connection & purpose.  I have seen first hand, how helpful a like minded community can be in supporting you every day!  I love the idea of "real time" having a space to go to for connection the moment you need it.  Our communities include weekly content & connection via zoom,  where I might present content and facilitate someone live, or do an interview with someone with a helpful idea or experience, etc.  You will have 24/7 connection via a private FB group facilitated by me, uplifting and helpful blogs, and solutions and creations that help us all to live better as they get birthed by the community.  As a community member you get priority and discounts on all classes and events too!

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 Love & Wisdom Collective

Join others who are on a quest to infuse inner wisdom and loving spirit into your daily lives and endeavors. Become a wisdom expert and watch the ease and yet powerful change that it brings to your life. Have others to share it with and spiral upward in our living as a community!

$50 a month ongoing subscription 

 All communities include the items listed above.

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starting 10/1

Extra "Ordinary" Moms 

Offering connection, support, and a ton of wisdom from what I call "mostly the other side" to Moms of kids who struggle, with our without a diagnosis.  There is a whole different conversation to be had in how to parent kids who don't fit the regular way of behaving, learning, functioning, or connecting.  I can show you how to live so happily in this journey, how to stop fixing and start living.  Learn from my mistakes, become a trail blazer of conscious well being and creating so that both you and the kids thrive!

$50 a month subscription (cancel anytime)

All communities receive all items listed above!

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Starting 10/1