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The Team

What are "Wisdom Spaces" exactly and how do they work?

When you come to us, you can choose what you feel like you want to experience that day from a variety of options!  Your ability to choose is your first experience of empowerment and first learning how you actually know what you need!

For groups, it's a little different but we still design the day based on your needs and wants!  

There is so much flexibility in what we choose to do, that it's hard to list them "exactly" but we've given it a try below.  

We might sit at the creek and sketch or chat or journal as the water rushes by.  Or we might do exercises with the horses or simply reflect and journal with them.

Phoebe w Howard.jpg

Equine Facilitated Healing & Learning

Clients have both reflective and active experiences with horses that helps to connect authentically, heal, and learn about things like social savvy, leadership, and adjusting one's energy to be able to relate to different horses.  

Intuitive Painting

Freedom of expression on a giant canvas

A delightful sensory and creative experience that shows us a lot about how tied up we get in our endeavors.  Re birth playfulness, and flow, and be delighted to see what happens on your canvas!

cottage in bloom!.jpg

The Wisdom Cottage

A Place to Relax  and Find your way

Our main gathering space, a historic 1700's cottage, where we come together in the quiet and relax, reflect and create!

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The Wisdom Spaces Pool

Cool off!

This pool has served literally thousands of people to learn to relax and let go, to a depth you might never have experienced. I'm talking about a depth of being, not of water :).

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feet in the creek.jpg
feet in the creek.jpg
Explore our 32 acres including ponds, creeks and streams

When was the last time you were barefoot in the creek?  Peruse our 32 natural acres and let the winds capture all of your stress and take it away...

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We encourage reflective and creative journaling that help you capture the exciting insights!

Morning Wisdom Journal Title Page.JPG
back driveway_edited.jpg
back driveway_edited.jpg

Enjoy 32 Acres of Nature!

Find your inner peace and hear the whispers of wisdom

Take a slow, meditative walk, and feel the energies of nature calm and hold you.  Stop at the pond, throw rocks in the creek, or strolling the grounds inherently slows the nervous systems and opens us to insights. 

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